Tax Preparation and Resolution Services

Landscape and Home & Garden Professionals

When you made the choice to open your landscaping business, your dreams were of flower beds and fertilizer, not capital gains and tax credits. We know that you would prefer to focus on beautifying your clients’ properties rather than balancing your books, and that’s why we specialize in providing accounting services for landscaping service businesses in Saint Charles, Missouri.

Expert Accountants and Bookkeepers Focus On Revenue Resources and Income Inadequacies

We work with large landscaping companies and small ones too, and there are a few things many of their owners have in common.

  • They’d rather be outside or working with clients than stuck doing bookkeeping.

  • The business is suffering because the person doing the books would be better used in other areas.

  • The staff assigned to bookkeeping or accounting is either not well-versed in all that the job requires or would rather not be doing it.

  • The focus on their business has put their bookkeeping behind, and that’s occasionally left them with a cashflow problem.

Steve Shapiro, EA CTRC has comprehensive knowledge of the unique needs and challenges that landscape companies face. We know what it takes for you to be successful, as well as what factors can work against you.

Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping for Landscapers

Steve Shapiro, EA CTRC knows that your time is valuable, so we offer our services in whatever way best suits your needs. Whether you’d prefer that we visit you on site or you’d rather work by phone, we provide comprehensive consulting services that go beyond simple tax, accounting and bookkeeping, offering a virtual CFO who can help establish the internal controls that will provide your landscaping business with the most significant benefits and opportunities for growth.

Specialized Services

  • Setting Goals and Budgeting to Meet Them

  • Managing Cash Flow

  • Choosing Between Cash-Based Accounting and Accrual-Based Accounting

  • Corporate Compliance

  • Cost Accounting

  • Determining Whether to Use Fiscal or Calendar Year

  • Monthly Accounting Services

  • Payroll Services

  • Setting Up Pre-Tax Employee Benefits

  • Quarterly Business Analysis

  • Planning for Retirement

  • Issues Affecting Seasonal Industries

  • Setting Up Start-up Budgets

  • Tax Planning and Preparation


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